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Being a Responsible Bed and Breakfast is part of Galápagos Suites DNA. We believe that we can use hospitality as a route to more sustainable communities and better lives. This means developing new and better ways to run our B&B, creating sustainable value to our brand and business, as well as addressing our social and environmental challenges.

We are commited to run a more sustainable hotel. We know more and more of our guest want a greener hotel stay and that´s why we´ve made it easier for you to choose a B&B which matches with your sustainable values. You can book with us and enjoy a pleasent stay that benefits the environment, the community and society where you are staying.

The great news is, you will become an even more environmentally responsable traveler by staying at Galápagos Suites.


Supply Chain


Energy usage in the hotel makes up most of the carbon footprint and is the fourth largest cost to our hotel. This makes energy a key focus for the sustainability of our business and the environment.

Energy type



Fuel: Propane gas is use for the kitchen and the dryer machine at our facility. We are using currently 24 propane cilinders of 15 kg each per year.

Electricity: All the facility uses efficient lighting bulbs such as LED and Energy Savings bulbs.

Cooling: Our Air-conditioning devices are energy saving products.

Water: Water is a critical resource in Galápagos. As a hotel, we have a bathroom in every room and water is a part of every guest experience. But water is becoming a serious issue around the world. Many locations are already experiencing freshwater stress and climate change is expected to exacerbate these problems. 85% of the water used in a hotel is from showers, toilets, taps and kitchens.

env 2

Galapagos Suites in its effort to reduce water consumption has instaled water efficient fixtures and appliances in all the taps, showers, toilets and kitchen.

Solar Panels have been instaled for heating water to all our showers.

Water use per occupied room (m3 per occupied room)

Year Water use (m3 per occupied room)
2013 (850 m3) 0,449
2014 (818 m3) 0,441



Waste disposal creates a number of environmental problems. These includes the depletion of habitats by landfills, toxins leaching into water supplies and greenhouse gas emissions from decomposition. At Galápagos Suites, we reduce waste by offering options in bulk dispensers rather than individuals packages. For example the amenities in each room are given in big dispensers (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and hand soap and all of them are biodegradable). The cleaning products as well we buy them in containers of 5 galons and as well all of them are biodegradable.

We currently have a strict recycle program in our property that matches with the one from the City Counsil. We ask the guest to be part of our program by helping us placing the wastes in the right containers.

Organic Waste: all the green waste it is given to a local farmer who use it as a natural fertiliser turning it as a compost. Three times a week we deliver all our organic waste.

Recycle Waste: plastic bottles, cans, glass, paper and plastic are carefully clean and collected by the municipality to be process in our local recycle center and after that it will be sent to the mainland for further treatment.

tachos basura hotel

At Galápagos Suites we are very concern of applying the 3 “R”. Nevertheless we reuse glass bottles wine for some decorations in our garden.

Non Recycle Waste: is collected by the municipality everyday and sent to the landfill.

We collect used batteries and bring them to the city council for further treatment.

We are commited to reduce the disturbance of animals, plants and their natural habitat to a minimum.

As Galápagos Suites we have implement a set of recommendations aimed at preserving and protecting on-site local flora and fauna.

- Ensure that green space serves as a wildlife corridor

- Select native and endemic vegetation to decorate our gardens

- Recommend only authorized service providers for tours

Supply Chain
We recognise that we play an important role in local economic development. Therefore we source goods and services locally. We buy as much as possible vegetables and fruits that are produce by our local farmers. As well we provide Jobs to local residents increasing their family income.

We take our commitment to operating resposibly in our local community very seriously. For us that means being a responsable and active member of the community.

This year (2015) we will support economically a group of local citizens that have decided to restore the play grounds for children. Allowing them to have a safe and fun place to enjoy it. This group “Salvemos Las Areas Verdes” have already started with Eden Park and we are currently being part of it.

 Certificado Parque Alborada

Certificado Parque Alborada

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